Municipal Enterprises entered into a long-term agreement with the Province of New Brunswick in 2010 under a public-private partnership model, including the following:

Design and Build, 57-kilometers of four-lane divided highway and associated infrastructure, located between kilometer marker 26 and kilometer marker 83, part of the 239-kilometer Route 1 corridor.  The Project also encompassed upgrading existing infrastructure along the corridor to industry standards.  The Project began in the spring of 2010 and achieved total completion in the fall of 2012, well ahead of the project schedule.  The Design and Build was completed by Dexter Construction, part of the Municipal Group of Companies, with the utmost consideration for safety and environmental stewardship.  The main objective of the Project was to provide a safe and efficient highway corridor for the residents and visitors of New Brunswick.  The Project was also initiated to create an economic development engine to promote growth and job creation within the province both during and after construction.  During its peak construction period, the Project employed over 700 people and stimulated millions of dollars of economic benefits for local companies and neighboring communities.

Manage, Operate, Maintain and Rehabilitate, 239 kilometers of four-lane controlled access divided highway (Route 1) located between the Canada/US border and River Glade as depicted on the map, with the exception of the Saint John Harbour Bridge limits and associated interchanges which are the responsibility of the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.  Management of the Route 1 Project resides with Gateway Operations, part of the Municipal Group of Companies.  The concession period began on June 01, 2011, and is scheduled to continue until June 30, 2040, at which time the responsibility of managing the corridor will be returned to the Province of New Brunswick.

Resources assigned to the Route 1 Project are housed from four maintenance depots strategically located along the corridor, as depicted on the map.  Gateway Operations employs a permanent staff of approximately 50 people, with additional resources hired during the winter season nearing a complement of 100 people.

The implementation of industry best practices aligned with ISO standards for Quality and Environment as well as our Health and Safety COR Accreditation with the NBCSA is the cornerstone of the managerial systems practiced by Gateway Operations.