The Services adopted on the Route 1 Project are based on meeting a prescribed and end-result specification.  Through a combination of in-house resources and procured subcontracting services, Gateway Operations is committed to manage, operate, maintain and rehabilitate the Route 1 corridor throughout the concession period, extending from June 01, 2011, to June 30, 2040.  A holistic and integrated approach incorporating sound asset management principles is a key objective for ensuring Corridor Features receive the appropriate inspection and service levels.

Inspections of Corridor Features

A variety of inspections at various levels, scope and frequencies are conducted for the Corridor Features.

  • Road Patrolling - conducted daily during the summer season and 24/7 during the winter season.
  • Routine and periodic inspections of infrastructures including corridor and traffic control devices at various frequencies.
  • Network level condition survey of the pavement infrastructure conducted biennially for measuring road performance indices in relation to surface distress, roughness, rut profiles and in some cases bearing capacity (strength).
  • Engineering condition assessments of structures and drainage infrastructure conducted biennially.
  • Sign reflectivity testing conducted biennially for ground mounted and overhead signs greater than 10 years old.
  • Illumination inspections of various components at various frequencies.
  • Pavement marking reflectivity testing following line painting operations.
Services for Operations and Maintenance:

Gateway Operations conducts routine and periodic activities at predetermined intervals or when conditions warrant for operations and maintenance services.

Operational services:

  • Snow fighting operations - as conditions warrant.
  • Vegetation control, including grass and brush cutting activities - annually and more frequently as conditions warrant.
  • Litter control - on a regular basis and at least once per month from April to October.
  • Restriping of pavement markings - annually or when conditions warrant.
  • Bridge cleaning and washing - annually.
  • Road cleaning and sweeping - annually.
  • Training - annually and as warranted.
  • Traffic control services - as warranted in accordance with the NB Work Area Traffic Control Manual.
  • Beaver-dam monitoring and removal - as conditions warrant.
  • Inspections.

Maintenance services:

  • Road and shoulder repairs - as conditions warrant.
  • Crack sealing - as conditions warrant.
  • Corridor and traffic control device repairs - as conditions warrant.
  • Erosion control and slope repairs - as conditions warrant.
  • Illumination repairs and upgrades - as conditions warrant.
  • Road Weather Information System repairs and upgrades - as conditions warrant.
  • Hydroseeding - as conditions warrant.
  • Corridor Feature repairs - as conditions warrant.
  • Other maintenance activities - as conditions warrant.

Services for Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation services for major Corridor Features are scheduled at various times and cycles in accordance with strategic asset management planning and principals.  Key services for major Corridor Features are categorized as follows:


  • Road resurfacing (i.e., mill and pave).
  • Road micro-surfacing.


  • Various bridge component repairs or replacements.
  • Bridge waterproofing and wearing course replacements.
  • Fiber Reinforced Polymers concrete repairs.
  • Retaining wall repairs or replacements.
  • Overhead sign structure repairs or replacements.

Drainage and Control structures:

  • Culvert repairs or replacements.
  • Culvert repairs utilizing trenchless technology:
    • Cured-in-Place Pipe lining
    • High-density Polyethylene lining
    • Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer lining
    • Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe lining
    • Spray-in-Place Pipe lining